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Iris Dore

From French means golden Iris.

Why Iris?

The Iris flower is certainly one of beauty, hope, and elegance.

Why gold?

The gold color is the color of success, achievement, and triumph.

The color of wealth, luxury, quality, reputation, sophistication, elegance.

Golden power of the Sun.

In Victorian times, when floriography and the language of flowers were hugely popular, people would send irises to their friends as a way to express their gratitude.

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Gold Beauty

Florentine manufacturing company of cosmetic gold and cosmetic silver.

Manufacturer of gold leaf in Florence-Italy since 1600.

Luxurious beauty and absolutely exclusive treatments.

Benu Blanc

A silk fiber rich in multiple virtues and accompanied by cosmetics with countless benefits, which, relentlessly, throughout the night, while you sleep, soothes your mind, caresses your skin, nourishes it with aromatic actives and makes it more beautiful.
Now you understand how Benu Blanc will change your nights, regenerate your skin and boost your beauty.

SILK Biotic

Silk at the heart of science

LIp flower

Genuine natural lipsticks made in Germany.


Bijin introduces you to Japanese beauty rituals through a range of treatments using Japanese superfoods.

Made from natural ingredients,  60% to 100%  of the ingredients included in the compositions come  from organic farming  certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT.